5 Of The Best Cleaning Products You Should Be Using At Home

5 Of The Best Cleaning Products You Should Be Using At Home

Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 MAX is a strong and smart enough vacuum cleaner with a 360 LDS Lidar sensor. The sensor is responsible for precise navigation, learning the map of your home, and understanding various complex environments in the house. It also comes with 24 types of intelligent sensors to give the robot better management, drop-sensing, accuracy, and quick mapping.

Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 MAX

Viomi V3 Max robot vacuum has 3 cleaning modes: sweep only, mop only and sweep-mop. Empowered by the deep cleaning algorithm, which is exclusive to Viomi, the robot vacuum cleaner can mimic manual way of mopping with 7.5% of cleaning coverage. It can thoroughly remove dust, dirt, water stains, crumbs, pet hair and footprints on diversified floors. In addition, stubborn stains can be handled with the upgraded soft and hard fiber stripped mops. Besides, premier vacuuming, mopping experience and dust emptying will be another highlight. V3 Max’s dust bin door will flip over to empty the dirt with only a single click of a button.

While Viomi V3 Max is a robot vacuum, that’s far from the limit of what it can do – this genius device can also use its mopping mode and sweeping mode to ensure that all kinds of surfaces and mess are cleaned up. The standard vacuuming modes bring huge amounts of suction to ensure that even chunky bits of dirt and detritus are picked up. Swapping it to mopping means that hard flooring is cleaned properly, while vacuuming is great for carpeted areas, and sweeping brings the best of both worlds to make sure that you’re able to forget about most types of dirt, including dust, dirt, water stains, crumbs, pet hair and footprints on diversified floors.

Kotex Natural Cotton Underwear

Kotex Natural Cotton Underwear are so much more than just underwear. They are designed for all day comfort, providing the perfect balance of coverage and flexibility to make your life easier. These undergarments are made from 100% cotton and breathable materials that provide you with a comfortable feeling. The underwear is also stretchy and has a great waistband that doesn’t fold or roll down.

Stainmaster Stain Remover

This stain remover is a product that should be used after stains have already been made. It can remove stains from clothes, carpets, and upholstery. This product works well for pet accidents and spills on carpets because it doesn’t leave any residue behind.

OXO Good Grips Dishwasher Detergent


Dishwasher detergent packs make cleaning dishes quicker and easier, so you can spend more time on the things you enjoy most. OXO Good Grips Dishwasher Detergent Pack is a reliable dishwasher detergent that’s simple to use for all types of pots, pans, plates, and cups. It also has a unique gel formula that doesn’t drip or clump up during the wash cycle. This pack includes enough dishwashing soap for 15 loads of dishes at one time.

Natural Moisturizing Face Masks

A face mask is a skincare product that you apply to your face. They are generally used as a treatment for various skin conditions, such as dryness, acne, and oiliness. Some types of masks can tighten the skin and make it feel tauter, while others can help moisturize the skin.

Final Words

If you’re ready to invest in a vacuum cleaner, then Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 MAX should be a top option. This robot is capable of cleaning your home while you’re away or while you’re doing other things. It also has many different sensors that help it navigate the house and clean efficiently.

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