5 Steps To Maintaining Hard Floors

Want to know how to take care of your hard floors? Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 MAX is perfect for you. It’s specifically designed to clean hard and soft surfaces with a powerful suction that won’t leave any dirt or grime behind. This is the last cleaner you’ll ever need!

Here are 5 Steps To Maintaining Hard Floors:

Use a vacuum to clean your hard floors
Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 MAX is a great vacuum for hard floors that won’t scratch them. It has a powerful suction and a large capacity, so it can clean your whole house without stopping. Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 Max can store up to 5 floor maps and intelligently plan cleaning routes, delivering advanced cleaning with advanced LDS laser navigation technology. It is taking vacuuming and mopping to the next level by equipping 2400Pa strong suction, 2 water tanks, and an exclusive manual-scrubbing Y-pattern. It truly is a top-notch robot vacuum in the price range.

Viomi V2 MAX comes with an exclusive feature called Y-pattern mopping. It mops the floor back and forth in a Y pattern move, mimicking the manual mopping technique for in-depth cleaning. Instead of the usual one water tank, Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 Max comes with two water tanks to meet diversified cleaning needs. With the 2-in-1 dust box(300ml) + water tank(200ml), it can sweep and mop at the same time. And the 550ml extra water tank is specially designed for mopping bigger houses. Equipped with electronic constant-pressure pumps, V2 MAX ensures precise water control, which means it will not leak water during or after mopping. It delivers excellent mopping performance while protecting your floor from water damage.

Use a damp rag to wipe your floor
on a daily basis.
Dirt, dust, and debris can make your hard floors look dirty, but they’re not. It’s just the dust that accumulates on the floor without anyone noticing. To keep your floors looking clean and shiny, you should use a damp rag to wipe them down every day. You don’t need to scrub hard because this will only create more dirt in the corners of your floor. Just gently wipe it down with a wet rag and it’ll be as good as new!

Take care of spills ASAP
One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to maintain hard floors is waiting until it’s too late. If you wait, it’ll be really difficult to clean up the mess. The best thing you can do is take care of spills as soon as they happen. Check your floor for any spilled liquid and wipe them off with a dry cloth or paper towel.
If you’re not near a sink, then try pouring some baking soda on the spill and use a damp cloth to dab at it. This should help absorb the spill and will get rid of any funky smells that come along with it.

Watch out for slippery surfaces
The first step to take care of your hard floors is by being aware of slippery surfaces. If you have any, like tile or laminate, you’ll want to make sure to wipe them with a damp cloth. The last thing you want on your clean floors are smudges and streaks.

Make sure there’s enough lighting
The first consideration when maintaining hard floors is making sure there’s enough lighting. This will make it easier for you to clean the floor and for the robot vacuum to do its job. A lot of people forget about this. They might think that their hard floors are clean because they don’t have any visible dirt or grime on them, so they remove the lights from a room. This can work in some cases, but not all. If you’re going to be cleaning your hard floors, you need to have enough light to see what you’re doing and where you’re walking.
Choose your tools wisely
Next, choose your tools wisely. When cleaning your hard floors with a traditional mop, it’s best if you use a microfiber mop head or another soft material that won’t scratch or damage the surface of your flooring. Additionally, when using a vacuum cleaner, make sure it has a soft brush that won’t wear down the surface of your flooring as well so it can maintain its shine and quality without getting scratched up.
Clean regularly
Regularly clean your hard wood floors by sweeping or mopping them at least once per week and more if necessary depending on the traffic in your house or business. You should also use a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner at least 1-2 times per month to get rid of any dirt and grime that may have accumulated between weekly cleanings.

By making sure your hard floors are well-maintained, you can protect your property and avoid serious injury. Follow these five steps and your floors will be clean and safe for everyone in your family to enjoy.

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