Specs Comparison: Best Robot Mop of 2021

Best robot vacuums require some basic requirements. It should be able to clean multiple types of floors, have a low profile, and have an efficient battery life. Robot mops are not that different from robot vacuums in terms of specs comparison. They are just lighter since they don’t need the extra weight of the vacuum part in it.This article will be comparing the Viomi Robot Vacuum SE, one of the best robot vacuums of 2021, against its main competitor, the Roomba 980. Both of these products are top-selling robot vacuums in their respective classes and are both worth checking out.

Robot Mops are probably the most popular consumer robotic product in China. They have always been the first one to come to your door after a new model announcement. They’re low profile and not too bulky, so they can fit into the smallest of spaces. You can control them with your smartphone, which makes it a breeze to clean all your floors in one go. This model of vacuum, which costs over $400, is also smart, with real time cleaning mapping and virtual walls, making it work even smarter. It is also waterproof and battery-powered, but the Roomba 980, which costs nearly twice as much, is even more feature-rich. The Viomi Robot Vacuum SE is your 1st LDS navigation robotic cleaners for vacuuming & mopping from Xiaomi Ecosystem. Free your hand and enjoy a clean life.

Which is the best robot vacuum cleaner?
Robot vacuums like Viomi Robot Vacuum SE perform their task really well. Roomba 980 is definitely a very popular vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner offers great performance in terms of price, and the latest updates have added more advanced features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and enhanced suction. Apart from these, the vacuum cleaner is super lightweight, super quiet, and very fast. The vacuum cleaner also offers a limited cleaning mode, which allows you to clean smaller areas of the house. Moreover, the robot vacuum cleaner has a better navigation feature, which allows it to go through small spaces with ease. The vacuum cleaner from Roomba 980 offers good performance, but the Viomi Robot Vacuum SE does it better.

The Viomi Robot Vacuum SE is the best robot vacuum available for the price range that most people have. If you want a slightly cheaper option for cleaning your floors with maximum efficiency, this cheap robot vacuum is probably the right choice for you. However, for the price range that is between $200-$400, the Roomba 980 might just be a great deal. This affordable robotic mop comes with many of the same great features as the pricier Viomi Robot Vacuum SE but at a much cheaper price.

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