Spring Cleaning Tips – Efficient & Easy House Cleaning Ideas

Viomi V3 Max has upgraded its navigation with LDS Lidar scanning that can easily navigate complex environments, whether it is dark or light. This lidar robot vacuum and mop combines a stellar sweeping mode with a deep cleaning mopping option that can remove even some of the toughest messes. You can run the vacuum in sweep-only mode as well as mop-only mode, depending on your needs. Viomi V3 Max can be fully controlled using the MiHome app for both Android and iOS. Using the app, you can conveniently set up cleaning controls, with no-go zones, virtual walls, and cleaning orders.

The importance of a clean house
• No one likes a messy house. In fact, cleanliness is one of the most important things in life. You wouldn’t dream of a day without cleaning. You clean the bathroom, then the laundry room, and the kitchen after eating out. Cleaning products are essential to ensure you can live a happy and healthy life.
• Most people hate house cleaning because of their dull cleaning products and the inconvenient vacuum cleaner dust. When you have the Viomi V3 Max, you can clean your house without purchasing any cleaning products. You will enjoy the ease of cleaning when you have the Viomi V3 Max.
• When you do not want to clean your house, you have to get the vacuum cleaner out to clean the carpets, and then wait for the vacuum cleaner to dry, then vacuum again.

Why is a vacuum cleaner necessary?
Vacuum cleaners are very important equipment for any home to keep it clean. In fact, in terms of different cleaning techniques and equipment, vacuuming is the least used and least interesting. In most homes, the traditional vacuum cleaner uses a brush-type filter system, with debris and particles flying out and collected into a storage chamber underneath the nozzle. The vacuum cleaner has to be cleaned once every day to keep it working properly. Vacuum cleaners can be cleaned using a traditional vacuum cleaner attachment for an average of 6 minutes per day. The tube is the most worn item in the unit, while the parts around the tube are usually the most neglected. It is one of the largest items in a vacuum cleaner so there is a lot of wear and tear to get out.

How to choose the best vacuum cleaner?
A vacuum cleaner needed to protect small items considering the size of the space where you live, and the area that you often clean, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner that is versatile and capable of tackling every type of surface. Whether it’s a carpet, hard floor, or tile floor, you’ll need a powerful vacuum to ensure that any dirt that may come your way does not end up on your favorite shoes or couches. If you’re considering a new vacuum cleaner, make sure that you take the extra time to compare various models.

Spring cleaning tips
Avoid using limescale- or mould-killing detergents We all want to keep our bathrooms, and kitchen bathrooms clean and fresh. It is good to be able to clean them regularly using detergents that kill germs, disinfectants, and smells. But there is one small problem with most of these products. They often kill the normal bacteria and all the good bacteria as well. That’s why most of the detergents and cleaning agents are often labeled as “sodium laurate sulfate free”. But the problem is that when there is a little bit of soap residue or dirt stuck on the detergent, then they can react with other elements in the environment and lead to a bad smell or cause nasty stains on your bathroom fixtures or on your clothing.

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